Bracelets & Bangles

We know how playfully bangles and bracelets can be combined and what’s important to our clients. Explore this antique and vintage collection, and find your personal favourite gem.




Antique and vintage bracelets: shop UK & Ibiza

The journey of shopping antique and vintage bracelets online can be quite a challenge. Too many options, seemingly random prices, and questionable sourcing can be a turn off. The solutions are pre-selected ranges of jewellery, made by experts in the field with decade-long experience, sourcing and knowledge.

How Circa Ibiza makes a difference in bangles & bracelets shopping

If you’re looking for gold, silver, garnet, pearl, opal, ruby, jade or spoon bracelets - we at Circa Ibiza can assist you in finding your perfect match. Over the last decades we developed a good range of sources, materials, styles and aesthetics. Browse our vintage and antique bracelets and bangles, and if you want any assistance on making your choice just let us know via phone, email or contact form. All bracelets and bangles will be shipped from Ibiza, Spain (Balearic Islands). Our jewellery workshop and customer support is based in Essex, UK.