Make your outfit unique and special, by combining your beloved jewellery with antique and vintage charms, carefully curated by our decades long experience and sourcing at Circa Ibiza.




Charms made with gold and silver with a unique history

Vintage gold and silver charms for bracelets can be just the right move to enhance your already existing appearance. Attract eyes on you, or simply send out impulses to others by wearing a unique piece of history in the way you feel like at any given day, event, or gathering.

Antique charms for sale in the UK and Ibiza

You will receive your secured parcel sent from the Balearic Island Ibiza, while we provide you with our customer service from our jewellery workshop in Essex, UK. We will make sure your shopping experience will feel exciting and calm at the same time. Circa Ibiza’s cargo and shipping partners will provide a quick and safe service, so you can enjoy the time from choosing your gem to the delivery to your doorstep in the best way possible.

Why buying at Circa Ibiza’s online shop is special

Our curated selection of antique and vintage charms and other jewellery items comes with a decades long expertise and experience in goldsmithing, and working with other precious metals, a vast knowledge about and understanding of gemstones, and quality control. Our aim is to make your online jewellery buying a pleasant and confident experience.