The combination of uniqueness and options for individualisation make antique and vintage lockets a good choice for gift ideas. One can be sure to have a very special present for any occasion, while being flexible with adjusting the jewellery item to its receiver's personality.




Why lockets became a favourite in antique and vintage memorabilia

In antique times, lockets had the purpose of preserving a lock of hair, a photo or a tiny letter. They became one of the favourite objects in memorabilia for collectors, and people who appreciate older times. Lockets are worn close to the heart, and therefore often connected to the topics of love and affection. The shapes of lockets can be round, square, oval or even in a heart shape. There are lots of varieties available and for many it’s a beautiful journey finding the perfect match of unique jewellery and individual taste.

Why shop at Circa Ibiza, an antique & vintage lockets online shop (UK & Ibiza)

At Circa Ibiza we are confident to assist you in making the right choice for yourself or as a gift. Our pre-selection process ensures the highest quality and range of choices. No matter if you want an antique photo locket necklace, a vintage oval locket necklace, a vintage silver heart locket, or if you have any special wishes please contact our customer support and we are happy to assist you on your choice.