Explore our curated antique and vintage jewellery rings here. Each pre-owned silver, gold, and other precious metal ring comes with a unique story, while a gemstone, diamond, or other application adds a special impression and effect.




Find your antique or vintage ring in our UK & Ibiza online shop

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, engagement, or wedding ring, explore our curated silver, gold, and other precious metal vintage and antique rings in our online store. Our workshop is located in Great Dunmow, Essex, and we ship from the Balearic Island Ibiza in Spain.

Antique and vintage rings for women and men for sale

Both women and men can find their ideal and very special vintage or antique jewellery creation at Circa Ibiza. Whether you want a white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, diamond or gemstone ring or vintage rings from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s and other years, there is a carefully curated selection of available items ready to be delivered to you.

Choosing your gem at Circa Ibiza

While there is a vast amount of unique and pre-owned items out there, you can benefit from our pre-selection in our curated vintage and antiques jewellery collection. We invite you to trust our decades-long expertise in sourcing, materials, quality and design. If you’re looking for vintage rings from the 1920ies, a sterling silver ring, or antique gold and gemstones ring for your engagement and wedding, Circa Ibiza will help you find your best options and choice.