Circa Ibiza is a collection of carefully sourced and restored one-off vintage and antique jewellery. Curated and overseen by Michael Saunders (third generation jeweller from Austro-English decent) having lived , breathed and grown up surrounded by beautiful jewellery and gems Michael moved to Ibiza to live with his family up in the Northern Hills, the lungs of the island. Whilst living there, continued to work and follow his passion creating Circa Ibiza.

Each collection offered is completely unique, original and correct. Art Deco aquamarine rings sit alongside Turn of the Century heavy charm bracelets, pendants or even French Nouveau lockets. Quirky articulated charms from the 60s, heavy gold bracelets from the 70s, period lockets, even Bauhaus original turquoise beads all have a place in the collection telling their own story yet linking all together and not out of place.

Pick your favorites, add them to existing pendants, chains, bracelets or rings and tell your own story...